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Products: High Precision Measurement Instruments and Industrial Robots

YSystems Ltd. is our main technology partner helping us provide many of our customers a world class level of technical support in a broad range of areas including sensor and measurement technology, semiconductors, material science, automation and robotics.

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Our Services

We provide technically professional support for robotics, sensor technologies, as well as web-shop design and operation.

The Process
  1. Product passion
    We believe in the products we create and represent.
  2. Strategic partnership
    We assign the necessary expertise to get the task done with quality and efficiency.
  3. Communication
    Success through mutual goals and understanding.

Robotics and Sensor Technology Development Business






Webdesign & Development



Logistics Support


Company Information

Company Name YSystems Kokusai Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-3-4 Higashi-Okinosu, Tokushima,
, Tokushima-Shi, Tokushima-Ken, 770-0873 Japan
Telephone TEL: 088-660-7522
FAX: 088-660-7523
Establishment June 21st, 2011
Capital 83,000,000 JPY
Annual Sales 100,726,000 JPY (FY 2019)
Executive Officers  Chief Executive Officer Dr. Yves Lacroix
Advisors Dr. Shigekazu Tada (E-Globaledge Corporation)
Jiro Oyama Esq. (Yokohama Partner Law Office)
Incorporators Yves Lacroix
YSystems Ltd. (www.ysystems.jp)
E-Globaledge Corporation (www.e-globaledge.co.jp)
Maruichi Shoji Corporation (www.01kyoto.com)
Fiscal Report Once a year, end of May
Affiliations YSystems Ltd. (www.ysystems.jp)
RobotShop Japan Co., Ltd. (www.robotshop.com/jp)

Contact Us

Head office

1-3-4 Higashi-Okinosu, Tokushima,
770-0873 Japan


Phone: 088-660-7522